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Living in the South means that flea and tick season is year-round. Typically, ticks are more active in the warmer months, beginning in March and April, and they become less common after nighttime temperatures begin to drop below freezing.

You need to be aware of fleas and ticks in wooded outdoor areas, but they can also invade your own yard, especially if you have pets or see a lot of wildlife.

Here are a few ways to fight back:

  • Remember to consistently treat your pets for fleas and ticks. Your vet offers a variety of both preventative and remediative flea and tick treatments. Ticks can cause diseases in both humans and animals.
  • Maintain your lawn and outdoor areas. Take time to trim back bushes and plants, and clean up clippings and yard waste that may harbor moisture. Overgrown grass and bushes provide shady spaces for fleas to avoid the heat of the sun and more homes for ticks. It’s also an incentive to keep your yard clean and free of stacks of old flower pots, logs, bricks and other debris, that may provide a home for fleas and ticks.
  • Discourage other wildlife from visiting your yard. Animals like squirrels, deer, rabbits, raccoons and mice can transport fleas or ticks to your yard. Take the time to patch up holes in your fence. Keep your garbage cans fully closed, and clean up scattered bird seed and pet food. If you are planting, ask an expert which plants are deer-resistant.

Stokes Mosquito and Outdoor Pest Service can also help. Our flea and tick treatments are customized for your property and come with a satisfaction guarantee. The misting treatment used also helps prevent mosquitoes!

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Say goodbye bugs and hello to spending time outside again. Stokes Mosquito and Outdoor Pest Service is a full-service outdoor pest control company, specializing in mosquito, fire ant, flea & tick control. Our custom treatment plans include all-natural, plant-based options and are bee and pollinator-friendly. We proudly serve the greater Augusta, GA, area, including Evans, Martinez, Grovetown, North Augusta, Edgefield and Aiken. Ask us about our 21-day mosquito “bite free” guarantee!

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